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Things I Noticed in Block B’s Very Good Music Video

Oh, this comeback…

  • Member with clown mask, bald with green hat
  • 0:21, 0:29- B-Bomb driving, he be drifting
  • 0:25 – U-Kwon with a money bag (?)
  • 0:36 – Zico comes out (red suit, blonde mickey mouse hair. plain mask)
  • 0:57 – Jaehyo takes off the clown mask that was bald with a green hat (thus, the member entering the vehicle at the beginning was likely him).
  • 1:00 – U-kwon’s clown mask had red curls like some of the others, but his has a small red hat with a gold stripe.
  • 1:12 – Zico leg guitar, and the money in U-Kwon’s mouth
  • 1:16 – U-Kwon’s money bag from before…
  • 1:40 – Jaehyo, the ladies’ man…
  • There’s also a little skull on his bow tie.
  • 1:58 – Return of brainy Taeil theme
  • Also return of the Taeil Nilili Mambo lollipop
  • 2:22 – I may be wrong, but that character looks like ‘弟’ which means little brother in Chinese.
  • 2:29 – U-Kwon seems to be the butt of many violent jokes now… (don’t even get me started on Be the Light)
  • 2:35 – The cast is beating the table to the rhythm
  • 2:37 – The woman’s body and legs are at different sides of the table
  • 2:44 – Kyung tapping the bald heads to the beat
  • 2:49 – One of the tattoos on the drummer says “DRUMMER”… Wouldn’t have guessed lolol.
  • 3:04 – Zico is wearing the same black and white outfit from earlier, when he had the black wig, BULLS cap and black lipstick. He’s just wearing lots of red now for some sort of demon king concept.
  • 3:09 – Taeil cuts meat, slashes his wrists (? maybe he was sharpening his knife), thrashes about and plays violin with his knife and fork props.
  • All of Kyung’s scenes, Zico’s king scene, and Taeil’s knife and fork scene were filmed in the same 307 patterned room.
  • 3:21 – The clown masks are chilling on the left side of the room, where the bank booths are.
  • 3:24 – Zico, Kyung and P.O play hot potato with the dynamite
  • 3:27 – Why is Zico on that green pants man’s back…?
  • 3:32 – Zico’s with some lovely ladies.
  • 3:39 – U-Kwon is dancing with books (?) in his hands while Zico sweeps.
  • 3:45 – Return of Kyung Mental Breaker dance
  • 3:49 – Taeil detonates his bomb! :D
  • Recurrent crosses and skulls everywhere (from props, to backdrops to clothing)…

Things I’m left to wonder…

  • Why does Block B keep stealing stuff? From jewels to robbing a bank…
  • Is there a connection between their company issues and this music video, or was it just a fun idea?
  • What is with these character archetypes? (Zico – leader, U-Kwon – prone to violence, Jaehyo – women, P.O – violence, Taeil – nerd, Kyung – food, B-Bomb…?)
  • Yay Block B! (not a question but still).

Did you guys see anything else?

Update: Block B Compilation #3

(Do You Wanna B? An editor for BLOCK BBC? Please read the sidebar here for details on how to apply).

(for Kyung)

Siblings: 1 younger brother, Park Chan (Chan means “praise”)

1 older sister

(Family pic here, Thank you anonymous submitter!)

(for Jaehyo)

Random Facts:

He often introduces himself as either Block B’s “Busan dialect representative”, “oldest”, “vocal and nothing else”, or “the reason why Block B is what it is”.


(when Block B was asked to give words to their seniors) “CEO Cho PD, I won first place at a variety [show?]. You promised to buy us meat but you didn’t. Please buy us meat. And by the way, it isn’t a double sided sword, but a double edged sword.”

(for P.O)


“I’m blushing now.”

“CEO, I can’t eat everyday, I’m so hungry. Please buy us meat.”

(for Taeil)


(in continuation of Jaehyo and P.O’s meat rant) “Yes, me too, please buy us meat”.

(for U-Kwon)


(in continuation of Jaehyo, P.O, and Taeil) “I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve been able to eat meat. We really want to eat it.”

(for B-Bomb)


“… He still hasn’t bought us meat yet.”

(for Zico)


Younha: “Another message reads “sharp and powerful idols like diamonds”.
Zico: “We thought we were just rocks”.

Update: Block B Compilation#2

(general Block B facts)

Cho PD spent $1.5 million USD into making Block B.

Their trainer and choreographer is Kim Sae Min from TMF (Trouble Makers Family, an all male dancing association in Shincheon). (note: idk if this has changed or not, it probably has but I’m not sure…)

(for Jaehyo)

Meaning Behind Stage Name: It’s his real first name, used because he wanted to use the name his parents gave him.

Artists he likes: Wheesung (“the level of emotions and his lyrics touch me whenever I’m going through tough times”), Korean artists

(for Zico)

Meaning Behind Stage Name: It was his nickname in Japan, where they combined the 1st syllable of his 1st name (Jiho) and added “-co” at the end, thus creating Zico (note: it is pronounced “jee-coh”, not “zee-coh”).

Artists he likes: Wiz Khalifa, Tyler Creator

Ideal Woman: A woman with nice legs and thighs, who’s funny, and looks good with long hair

Random Facts:

Kim Sae Min (their choreographer) indirectly called him the 7th best dancer.


Kyung: “What should we do here? A group aegyo show?”
Zico: “That’s not hip hop baby”.

(for B-Bomb)

Meaning Behind Stage Name: It means to be rare and unique. Also, the “bomb” part (noted to be stylized in English) means for him to have an “explosive” influence.

Artists he likes: Chris Brown

(for P.O)

Meaning Behind Stage Name: He was trying to come up with a nickname. His last name is Pyo, so his ideas for his stage name went Pyo, Piyo, P.O.

Artists he likes: Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne


(when asked what he would say if he met Jay-Z and Lil’ Wayne) “I wouldn’t say anything. I’d kiss them first”.

(for U-Kwon)

Meaning Behind Stage Name: It’s his first name, which itself has meaning: “Yu” means “to have”, and “Kwon” means “power”. Thus, it means “to have power”.

Siblings: 1 older brother

Religion: Christian

Artists he likes: Bruno Mars, Avant


(When asked “did you ever want a cool name” from a discussion about their stage names) “I actually did, but my name was the prettiest”.

(when asked why he likes Bruno Mars and Avant) “[...] if you watch their concert videos, you’ll seriously die”.

(for Taeil)

Meaning Behind Stage Name: It’s his first name (he said he has always liked his first name since he was young, aww).

Artists he likes: Moon Myung Jin

Random Facts:

“The best dancer is our Taeil” – Kim Sae Min, choreographer (note: read the faq. B-Bomb is the lead dancer, don’t worry).


*hits Jaehyo’s camwhoring face away with a card with their autographs*

(for Kyung)

Meaning Behind Stage Name: It’s his real name. His parents gave them 1 part names (in contrast to the normal two part names, such as “Tae-il” or “Yu-kwon”). Kyung means “bible”.

Siblings: 1 younger brother, Park Chan (Chan means “praise”)

Religion: Christian

Artists he likes: Lyn


(asked about nicknames given to him when he was growing up)
Kyung: “Yes, cucumber”.
Choi Koon: “Why?”
*everyone, EVERYONE laughs at him*
Kyung: “Because my face is so long. It has nothing to do with my name”.

“I was always just cucumber or carrot”.

(asked about artists they like)
Kyung: “Since I’m a rapper, I’ll just go with Lyn”.
Choi Koon: “Lyn? The person that sings “Don’t Leave Me Yet”?
Kyung: “Yes”.
Choi Koon: “How does that relate to you being a rapper??”
Kyung: “I just like her…”
(note: this is the 1st witnessed grease I think in the history of Block B omg)

Kyung: “What should we do here? A group aegyo show?”
Zico: “That’s not hip hop baby”.

Update: Block B Compilation#1

(too lazy to do individual posts today~…)

UPDATE: OMG I’M SO SORRY there is no Bibum T_T

(for Taeil)

Random Facts:

He has a (super cute) fish named “Super Equus”.

(for Kyung)

Random Facts:

He thinks Dal Shabet’s Jiyul is cute.

(for Jaehyo)


(when Dal Shabet was asked who was the most handsome in Block B, they answered “Pyo Jihoon”. But one of the girls picked Jaehyo) “Let me get some camera time now”.

(for U-Kwon)

Random Facts:

His hair was described as lightning hair back in their Freeze days (Dal Shabet complimented Block B’s hairstyles).

He’s good at making sandwiches (although he made a tuna sandwich that was sort of fail).

(for Zico)

Random Facts:

When asked “who jokes around the most”, the members pointed to him and P.O. When choosing only one of the two, Zico was chosen.

Some think he looks like Sohyun of 4minute.

He used to fool around in in school by putting weird things in his sandwiches (…?…).

(for P.O)

Random Facts:

When asked “who jokes around the most”, the members pointed to him and Zico. However, when choosing only one of the two, P.O was not chosen.

However, all members mutually agreed that P.O plays the most pranks.

“He’s seriously an amazing fighter, no joke” – Zico (Star Cam’s caption: “Maknae P.O is a legendary fighter??”)

His hair was described as mousse hair in their Freeze days (Dal Shabet complimented Block B’s hairstyles).

Dal Shabet declared him the most handsome Block B member.

4minute declared him the cutest Block B member.

He’s shy around girls usually.


Kyung: “What town is he from?”
Zico: “…Huh? He’s from Jamshil”.
Star Cam: The town of Jamshil with the legendary fighter.
Zico: “He’s seriously good at fighting, no joke”.
Kyung: “I heard he’s the one punch three hit kill”.
Zico: “No, he’s the guy from Jamshil that fought 2:8″.
P.O: “I’ll briefly show you my back kick”.

Update: FAQ#6

(Just added some couple names)

What are their couple names?
ZicoxHello Kitty: Kico
ZicoxKyung: Zikyung
ZicoxU-Kwon: ZiKwon
ZicoxP.O: 2ji
ZicoxJaehyo: Zihyo, Jaeco
ZicoxTaeil: Taeco
ZicoxB-Bomb: B-Co
KyungxU-Kwon: U-Kyung, (…See the Dirty FAQ…)
KyungxP.O: Pyung, Pykyung, Kyo (I totally made these up)
KyungxJaehyo: Jaekyung
KyungxTaeil: Taekyung
KyungxB-Bomb: Minkyung
U-KwonxP.O: P-Kwon, Yo (U.O)
U-KwonxJaehyo: Jaekwon
U-KwonxTaeil: Cat Fish (U-Kwon=Cat, Taeil=Fish), Taekwon
U-KwonxB-Bomb: U-Bomb
P.OxJaehyo: Pyhyo, Jae.O
P.OxTaeil: Taepyo, TaePO
P.OxB-Bomb: P-Bomb, B.O (lol), Pyohyuk
JaehyoxTaeil: Jaeil
JaehyoxB-Bomb: Jaebomb
TaeilxB-Bomb: Tae-Bomb, Taehyuk,

(If you know any couple names, please tell me XD)

Update: FAQ#3

(pffft I skipped 3 idk why)

What are some general BBC terms/vocabulary?
Gorges – gorgeous (said because during the Wanna B? promotions, the Music shows stated in their lyrics “You wanna be high? You wanna be gorges?)
Derp – a near synonym of Jaehyo
Focus – See Dirty FAQ

Do the Block B members have nicknames?
Zico (real name Jiho)
Jamaican Beggar (MTV’s opinion of him, a combo of his dreads+singing+guitar performance)
Derphyo (reference to his personality)
Pikahyo (reference to his famous Pikachu costume)
Grease Lightning (reference to his personality)
Shark/Sharkie/Fishie (reference to his hobby of raising fish)
B-Bomb (real name Minhyuk)
Grapefuit (reference to his red hair)
P.O (real name Pyo)
Pyopyo (a cute way of saying his name
U-Kwon (real name Yukwon)
Kitty Kwon (reference to his like of cats)

If you have any nicknames to submit, please do.

In other news, the Dirty FAQ has been updated. Barely. Very insignificantly.

Update: Zico#2

Random Facts:

He once had 4 eyebrows (they are no more).

He was originally an art student before joining Block B (he studied art in Japan for 3 years. At that time, music was simply his hobby).

There are rumors that he was an ex SM trainee and almost debuted in SHINee, but Zico hasn’t denied nor confirmed them (even though he said he wasn’t an SM trainee, when questioned about if he was almost a member of SHINee he said “please don’t believe those rumors. For now”).

Zico’s promoting underground consisted of making demo tapes, recording his rapping, rapping at clubs with his hyungs, etc.

He can do a Cho PD impersonation.

The production of Do You Wanna B? was overseen by him.

He got his stage name from his real name, Jiho, and a cute habit in Japan where they say the 1st syllable in your name and end it with -co (Jico=Zico).


“If there’s one thing I have pride in, it’s Block B”.

“I really want us to become a group that can so everything with our own power”.

Update: FAQ#4

(Added some couple names from the top of my head. Impressive, no?)

What are their couple names?
Omigosh XD Should I make a coupling page?
ZicoxHello Kitty: Kico
ZicoxKyung: Zikyung
ZicoxU-Kwon: ZiKwon
ZicoxP.O: 2ji
ZicoxJaehyo: Zihyo, Jaeco
ZicoxTaeil: ?
ZicoxB-Bomb: B-Co
KyungxU-Kwon: (…See the Dirty FAQ…)
KyungxP.O: ?
KyungxJaehyo: Jaekyung
KyungxTaeil: ?
KyungxB-Bomb: Minkyung
U-KwonxP.O: ?
U-KwonxJaehyo: Jaekwon
U-KwonxTaeil: Cat Fish, Taekwon
U-KwonxB-Bomb: U-Bomb
P.OxJaehyo: ?
P.OxTaeil: Taepyo, TaePO
P.OxB-Bomb: ?
JaehyoxTaeil: Jaeil
JaehyoxB-Bomb: Jaebomb
TaeilxB-Bomb: ?

(If you know any couple names, please tell me XD)

Update: Zico#1

(Added info. This is the last member profile. Now I’m going to be scraping the internet for more facts and information that I’ve missed. If you know anything, please tell me and give a link to the source of info. Thank you ^_^).

Stage Name: Zico

Real Name: Woo Ji Ho (우지호)

Positions: Leader, main rapper, producer

Birthdate: September 14, 1992

Birthplace: Seoul

Blood Type: O

Height: 182 cm (6’0″)

Weight: 65 kg (143.3 lbs)

Education: Attending Seoul Music High School

Hobbies: Shopping, reading, watching American comedies

Specialties: Freestyle rap, composing, weaving melody lines

EXPERIENCE: participated in composition, rap for Harmonics digital single [The Letter],
participated in composition, rap for ChoPD [Victory] 한국힙합에 바란다,
participated in composition, rap for ChoPD VS Verbal Jint [2 The Hard Way] 종의 기원, Map Music,
participated in composition, rap for Jung Seulgi [결국 제자리] 보란듯이,
participated in a rap session for IU “Marshmallow”,
participated in composition, rap for Jung Seulgi [주변인],
participated in rap in Bizniz [Ego] Hero Music,
participated in composition, rap for Miss S’s mini album [Miss independent] it’s not over,
participated in composition, rap for Faddy Robot [Foundation vol 1],
Mixtape vol.1 [Zico on the Block],
participated in Mnet’s Aura Concert,
produced Block B 1st single album [Do You Wanna B?].

Ideal Woman: A woman with nice legs and thighs, who’s funny

Random Facts:

He is the younger brother of Co Ed School’s Taewoon.

Although he is the leader, he is the 2nd youngest.

He just loves thighs.

He really likes Hello Kitty.

He was originally an art student before joining Block B.

He studied in Canada, China, and Japan, and failed at each country (Canada because he’s poor with English, China because of hygiene issues, Japan because he left to become a musician).

He made a lot of covers and mixtapes prior to his debut.

He thinks he looks scary.

He has big lips.

He can sound like Marge Simpson.

Info credit Soompi’s Block B thread, International Block,

Update: FAQ#1

(Added and updated FAQ page with this info)

Why is their name “Block B”?
Their original name was “Block Buster” but… (I will update later)

What company are they under?
Brand New Stardom.

What is ____’s position in Block B?
Zico is the leader and a rapper.
Kyung is a rapper.
P.O is a rapper and the maknae (youngest).
Taeil is the lead vocal.
Jaehyo is a sub vocal and main visual.
B-Bomb is the lead dancer and a sub vocal.
U-Kwon is a dancer and a sub vocal.

I can’t tell the members apart!
Voice wise:
P.O has the deepest voice, and is a rapper.
Kyung has the higher pitched rapping voice.
Zico is the tenor rapper in between those two.
U-Kwon has a husky voice.
Taeil’s is very clear and… Resonate? He has a very high pitched voice when he talks.
Jaehyo has a weaker voice than Taeil.
B-Bomb’s voice is a bit nasally.
Face Wise: (see the header)

Who have the best bodies?
Why is this a question…? I would say B-Bomb and U-Kwon, since they have both flashed their abs. There was also a picture of B-Bomb and U-Kwon together at the Mutnam shoot that shows how thick U-Kwon’s arms are.



Why do people associate him with dimples?
In the allkpop interview with Block B, B-Bomb stated that his ideal woman was someone with cute dimples. See the Dirty FAQ for a more detailed explanation.

Who is Minhyuk?
That is B-Bomb’s real name.


Why so people call him “derp”?


Why do people call Kyung greasy?
It’s hard to explain. This might not even be an accurate answer: the way he acts is so cheesy and greasy. A BBC called him greasy and it has stuck to him since.


How is P.O associated with whales?
Part of it is this bromance he has with Taeil, who is called a Sharkie. See the Dirty FAQ for a more detailed explanation.


Why do people call him “Sharkie”?
He likes to raise fish as a hobby.


Why do people associate him with kittens?
He seems to like cats, based on here (he performed with a cat on his shoulder) and here (he was playing with a cat during …)


What is up with him and Hello Kitty?
Since he looks kind of mean, he bought some Hello Kitty merchandise to soften his image. However, he grew so attached to Hello Kitty that he bought even more Hello Kitty things.